“I highly recommend Andrew. We have worked together for several years on various projects both large and small. Andrew excels at curating and creating leadership content to teach and develop senior leaders with both empathy and empowerment in a way that is experimental and one of kind.”

Kerry Gates, Director, Learning and Development, Microsoft

"I knew Andrew would help us with our mission of collaborating better as a team - that's why I hired him. What I didn’t know was how my team of engineers would engage and relate to what we were trying to accomplish. He earned trust and created energy in the team to seek out and address our opportunities head on. With the actions outlined we have made tremendous progress and results across the organization."

-Lynn Kepl, General Manager, Core Services Engineering, Microsoft

“Andrew is a gifted facilitator with a keen intuition for how others are feeling and what they are thinking. This allows him to effortlessly navigate a challenging situation, unblock a tough brainstorm and bring out people’s creative side while making the process fun and interesting. Once you’ve had a session with Andrew, you walk away with so many useful tools to unlock your own power of creativity and storytelling.”

Mory Fontanez, Founder & CEO, 822 Group

“Working with Andrew is simply a dream. He takes the complex and makes it easy to understand and apply. He is the most engaging facilitator, teacher, and coach I have ever worked with and the results prove the ROI. We have used Andrew with our large scale clients and with our internal team for years and everyone wants more Andrew.”

TJ Kelly, EVP, Global Client Relationship Manager, Edelman

“Andrew Russell’s work in three words: immersive, challenging, and life-changing.”

Steve Clayton, VP, Microsoft Communications Strategy

"Animated and laser focused - no one works a room like Andrew Russell."

The Seattle Times

"Andrew is a force. Captivating, inspiring, and someone who intrinsically understands the power of human connection. You can't take your eyes off him."

Quinn Fegan Caruana, Emmy-winning Casting Director of ALONE and QUEER EYE

“Andrew was extraordinarily effective. His interactive technique using improv as a tool allowed us to explore important themes and strategies in novel and productive ways. He also helped us prioritize our goals. In short, Andrew helped us not only get our ducks in order but figure out which ducks belonged in some other pond.

Jon LaPook, M.D., Professor of Medicine, NYU Langone Health & Chief Medical Correspondent, CBS News

“Andrew's coaching helped me grow into a comfortable speaker, and completely changed my perspective on how to craft and communicate an effective story. As a facilitator, Andrew brings fresh energy and new ideas. His superpower is being able to translate true creative principles to a complex corporate environment.

Aimee Riordan, Microsoft Communications

“My team grew measurably as storytellers. In particular, they are much stronger now at trusting their own voices, using story strategically to accomplish a specific mission, and having confidence in their power as leaders. Whether with their team, 1:1, or in front of a large audience, they now have a framework and clear rules on how to bring their best self forward.”

-Michael Beal, General Manager, Worldwide Marketing and Operations, Microsoft