Angels In America, Intiman Theatre, 2014


is a writer, director, and creative producer

is an empathetic and energizing leader

is an expert storytelling coach and teacher

is a dynamic host and interviewer

is in love with country music and eye contact

Mercedes Ruehl in Full Gallop, The Old Globe, 2015


As a writer and director of theatre and film for 20+ years Andrew has focused on telling true stories in dynamic ways. Whether in a theatrical trilogy telling one Filipino family’s multi-generational experience surviving and thriving in America, a new documentary about America’s first openly transgender mayor and the final weeks of their life, or a musical about the power of the press and whistleblowers, everything he's made has focused on telling the stories of our past in ways that entertain and shape how we see ourselves and the future.

Andrew has collaborated as a director and writer with Oregon Shakespeare Festival, American Repertory Theatre, La Jolla Playhouse, The Old Globe, The Public Theatre, Pittsburgh Public Theatre, Marin Theatre Company, The 5th Avenue Theatre, Theatre Latte Da, On The Boards, Kansas City Repertory Theatre, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Diversionary Theatre, among others.

As the Producing Artistic Director of the Tony Award-winning Intiman Theatre in Seattle from 2011-2017, Andrew played a critical role in reorganizing, and reopening the theater after it closed in 2011. Previous to this he was an Associate Producer at the theatre from 2009-2011.

Andrew has served as a storytelling consultant for Universal Studios, and also makes documentary films. He is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. For more on his history in storytelling teaching and coaching, go here.

Sara Porkalob in Dragon Lady, Intiman Theatre, 2016

Watch The World Unfold, Gaelynn Lea, 2023

Director: Andrew Russell

Executive Producer: Alex Manning

DP: Tom Deschenes

Camera Operator: Chris Behnan

Sound Technician: Chris Linder

Gaffer: Tyler Thomas

Hair and Makeup: Kasey McGruder

Production in Duluth: Old Saw Media

Produced by Mighty Media Studios

Filmed at Denfeld High School in Duluth, MN

Special thanks: JP Rennquist

Sara Porkalob in Dragon Mama, American Repertory Theatre, 2019


Andrew loves thinking and speaking on a range of topics. In the past he's focused on the bio-psycho-social components of storytelling, the complexities of mental health, the relationship between the external world and how it shapes who we are on the inside, the influences of social media for good and bad, technology, creativity, and how it feels to be a queer man wrestling with loneliness and fear halfway through his life on this planet.

TEDx Seattle


Andrew is a dynamic speaker and conversationalist, with a range of creative and life experiences from which to pull. Having attended Carnegie Mellon as an actor, written and directed new work, run a theatre company, directed documentary films, served as VP of Storytelling with the world's largest PR company, and brought major global events to life as Director and Narrative Architect for Microsoft Studios, Andrew is adept at creating short and long-form speeches that entertain and enlighten an audience in a wide variety of sectors.

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Hedda Gabler, Intiman Theatre, 2012

Dragon Lady, Marin Theatre Company, 2023



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The Thin Place, Intiman Theatre, 2010

Stu for Silverton, Intiman Theatre, 2013

Violet, ArtsWest, 2016